About Us

The Graz based Trio Tempestoso, formed in 2017, quickly gained their reputation as the winners of one of the most prestigious competitions for contemporary music - Boris Pergamenschikow Preis 2019 in Berlin.


The members of the trio are young Slovenian musicians: Accordionist Sanja Mlinarič, Clarinetist Andraž Golob and Cellist Urban Megušar - all of them students at the University for Music and performing Arts in Graz, Austria.

Since their formation the trio has been working with Janne Rättyä, Gerald Pachinger, Julian Arp and Martin Rainer.


Their repertoire consists of original compositions, written for this unique combination of instruments and defined by a seemingly orchestral sound of the ensemble.

The young musicians have been performing in concert halls throught Europe, most recently their performances have been broadcastet by Radio Ö1.