Sanja Mlinarič

Sanja has been studying at the University for Music and Performing Arts in Graz with Janne Rättyä.

As a soloist and chamber musician she is a prize winner of various classical music competitions in Slovenia, Italy and Germany.

In 2019 she won the Boris Pergamenschikow Preis with Trio Tempestoso – they are the first such chamber music group (also the first group with accordion) to win the competition.

As members of Duo Clarien Sanja Mlinarič and Andraž Golob are the absolute winners and the recipients of Special Performance Prize Anguissola Scotti at the Val Tidone Competition in Italy 2019.

Sanja has also been performing for the Slovenian Jeunesses Musicales and on different festivals such as Val Tidone in Italy.


Additionaly she attended masterclasses with Inaki Alberdi, Vincent Lhermet, Veli Kujala, Matti Rantanen, Mie Miki, Luka Juhart and others.