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Trio Tempestoso

"Trio Tempestoso is awarded the Boris Pergamenschikow Prize 2019 for their interpretation of a high instrumental quality. In their electrifying performance the musical traditions are being presented in the light of the present, already foretelling the future."

The Jury of Boris Pergamenschikow Prize 2019


Trio Tempestoso: The Story

The Graz based Trio Tempestoso, formed in 2017, quickly gained its reputation as the winners of the Boris Pergamenschikow Award 2019 in Berlin. The jury of one of the largest and most prestigious competitions for contemporary music, held every three years under the honorary patronage of Mrs. Tatjana Pergamenschikow and Sir András Schiff, pointed out the "high-level instrumental interpretation" and wrote that the musicians "with their exciting performance combine the musical tradition with the spirit of the present and indicate the direction of the future".

The members of the trio are young Slovenian musicians: accordionist Sanja Mlinarič, clarinetist Andraž Golob and cellist Urban Megušar. Their repertoire consists of original compositions, written for this unique combination of instruments and defined by a seemingly orchestral sound of the ensemble. The young musicians have been performing in concert halls throughout Europe, most recently their performances have been broadcasted by Austrian Radio Ö1 and Radio Slovenia.

The trio was formed at the University for Music and performing Arts in Graz, Austria - the musicians had the privilege to work with Janne Rättyä, Gerald Pachinger, Julian Arp, and Martin Rainer.

Trio Tempestoso, Photo: Darja Stravs Tisu
Sanja Mlinaric

Sanja Mlinarič

Sanja combines her love for an authentic expression with the numerous sound possibilities of chamber music playing. It is this fascination that gave her the idea of founding a trio, which is now known as Trio Tempestoso.

As a soloist and chamber musician Sanja is a prize winner of various classical music competitions in Slovenia, Italy and Germany.​

In 2019 she won the Boris Pergamenschikow Preis with Trio Tempestoso – they are the first such chamber music group (also the first group with accordion) to win the competition.​

Sanja is furthermore an absolute winner and a recipient of Special Performance Prize Anguissola Scotti at the Val Tidone Competition in Italy 2019.

She has been performing for the Slovenian Jeunesses Musicales, working closely with Imago Sloveniae and recording for Austrian Radio Ö1 and Radio Slovenia.


Sanja studied at the University for Music and Performing Arts in Graz with Janne Rättyä.

Andraž Golob

Storytelling trough symphonic poems and operas is what made Andraž fall in love with orchestral music, which he so much adores. But the stories are not only limited to program music that has texts or specific titles which refer to the composition, meaning can be found in every piece of music, be it orchestral or chamber music. The meaning in music is what Andraž strives to share with listeners, especially when it comes to modern repertoire.


As of 2021 Andraž is the new solo bass clarinetist of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

From 2019 to 2021 Andraž has held an academy position with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

He has been performing with Orchestras such as: Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Vienna State Opera, Nürnberg Symphony Orchestra, Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra and Graz Philharmonic Orchestra; working with conductors such as John Williams, Christian Thielemann, Zubin Mehta,  Daniel Harding, Christoph von Dohnanyi, Christoph Eschenbach, Semyon Bychkov among others.

In 2018 he performed as a soloist with the Norddeutsche Philharmonie Rostock at Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Festival, playing Mozarts Clarinet Concerto.


He is a winner of many competitions: Edmund Horwath Award 2021 (awarded to the best Wind-instrumentalist of the Academy of Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra), Boris Pergamenschikow, Val Tidone, TEMSIG, Luigi Zanuccolli,...


Andraž studied at University for Music and Performing Arts Graz firstly with Bertram Egger and is now a student of Gerald Pachinger.

Andraz Golob
Urban Megusar

Urban Megušar

Urban is a cellist, improvisor and chamber musician. Although he comes from classical background, he is nowadays mostly active in contemporary music, free improvisation, jazz and folk music. With his venturous character and restless curiosity, Urban is striving to bring out the endless possibilities that his instrument has to offer.

As the member of Trio Tempestoso, he is the winner of Boris Pergamenschikow Preis for Contemporary Chamber Music. In 2018 he released an album with a group Subconscious.Rituals and with his folk Trio Lumi they are going to release an album in December 2020.

He performed in various countries and on festivals such as Jazz Ljubljana Festival, Jazz Cerkno, Jazzinty, Hear Me Festival, Bled Festival and Imago Sloveniae.

Since 2017 Urban is collaborating with the Czech Theatre group Divadlo Continuo, where he is the co-creator and performer of music for the play called Poledne.

He has been a part of different programs of .abeceda Institute (a newly founded Slovenian Institute for Art research, critical thoughts and Philosophy) such as Young Researchers I., Studio 8, .abeceda and .abeceda Ensemble for new music.


Urban started playing cello at the age of 7 in Škofja Loka and later studied cello with Karmen Pečar Koritnik at the Conservatory for Music and Ballet in Ljubljana. Currently he is studying at the University for Music and performing Arts in Graz in the class of Julian Arp.


Upcoming Events

  • Jeunesses musicales Slovenia
    Jeunesses musicales Slovenia
    Aug 04, 7:00 PM
    Celje, Trg celjskih knezov 9, 3000 Celje, Slovenia
  • Nei suoni dei luoghi
    Nei suoni dei luoghi
    Aug 06, 8:45 PM
    Tapogliano, Piazza Libertà, 20, 33040 Tapogliano UD, Italy
  • Carinarmonie
    Aug 07, 11:00 AM
    Raveo, 33029 Raveo, Province of Udine, Italy
  • Imago Sloveniae and Amici della Musica Udine Concert
    Imago Sloveniae and Amici della Musica Udine Concert
    Abano Terme
    Sep 13, 9:00 PM
    Abano Terme, Via Monteortone, 19, 35031 Abano Terme PD, Italy
  • Unerhörte Musik Berlin
    Unerhörte Musik Berlin
    Sep 14, 7:00 PM
    Berlin, Mehringdamm 34, 10961 Berlin, Germany
  • Musikalischer Aperitif
    Musikalischer Aperitif
    Musikverein Graz, Stefaniensaal
    Nov 20, 6:30 PM
    Musikverein Graz, Stefaniensaal, Sparkassenpl. 4, 8010 Graz, Austria
  • Salonkonzert
    Musikverein Graz
    Dec 01, 3:30 PM
    Musikverein Graz, Sparkassenpl. 4, 8010 Graz, Austria
  • Du Vert A l'infini Concert and Residency
    Du Vert A l'infini Concert and Residency
    Eglise de Fresne-Saint-Mamès
    Jul 18, 7:00 PM
    Eglise de Fresne-Saint-Mamès, 70130 Fresne-Saint-Mamès, France
  • POSTPONED - Musikalischer Aperitif
    POSTPONED - Musikalischer Aperitif
    Musikveren Graz, Stefaniensaal
    May 18, 7:00 PM
    Musikveren Graz, Stefaniensaal, Sparkassenpl. 4, 8010 Graz, Austria
  • CANCELLED - Andraz Golob und Trio Temepestoso im Konzert
    CANCELLED - Andraz Golob und Trio Temepestoso im Konzert
    Barocksaal, Altes Rathaus, Wien
    May 03, 6:30 PM
    Barocksaal, Altes Rathaus, Wien, Wipplingerstraße 6/8, 1010 Wien, Austria
  • Zusammenspiel_plus
    MUMUTH – Haus für Musik und Musiktheater
    Mar 10, 7:30 PM
    MUMUTH – Haus für Musik und Musiktheater, Lichtenfelsgasse 14, 8010 Graz, Austria
  • New Music Generations (live from the Slovenian Philharmonic)
    New Music Generations (live from the Slovenian Philharmonic)
    Slovenian Philharmonic
    Mar 08, 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM
    Slovenian Philharmonic, Kongresni trg 10, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Trio Tempestoso will perform Live on Air via Slovenian Radio ARS.
  • Festival Ljubljana
    Festival Ljubljana
    Viteska dvorana, Križanke
    Feb 09, 6:30 PM
    Viteska dvorana, Križanke, Trg francoske revolucije 1, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Jeunesses Musicales Slovenia
    Jeunesses Musicales Slovenia
    Slovenian Philharmonic
    Jan 14, 7:00 PM
    Slovenian Philharmonic, Kongresni trg 10, 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia
  • Jeunesses Musicales Slovenia
    Jeunesses Musicales Slovenia
    Celje National Hall
    Nov 18, 2020, 7:00 PM
    Celje National Hall, Trg celjskih knezov 9, 3000 Celje, Slovenia
  • Imago Sloveniae
    Imago Sloveniae
    Mestni muzej Ljubljana
    Aug 03, 2020, 8:30 PM
    Mestni muzej Ljubljana, Gosposka ulica 15, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


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