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Urban is a cellist, improvisor and chamber musician. Although he comes from a classical background, he is nowadays mostly active in contemporary music, free improvisation, jazz and folk music. With his venturous character and restless curiosity, Urban is striving to bring out the endless possibilities that his instrument has to offer. ​​ He performed in various festivals such as Styrian Chamber Music Festival, Festival Ljubljana, Mooste Folk Festival, Jazz Ljubljana Festival, Jazz Cerkno, Jazzinty, Bled Festival and Imago Sloveniae. ​ Since 2017 Urban is collaborating with the Czech Theatre group "Divadlo Continuo", where he is the co-creator and performer of music for the play called "Poledne". He has been a part of different programs of the newly founded Slovenian Institute for Art research, critical thoughts and Philosophy ".abeceda", such as: Young Researchers I., Studio 8, .abeceda and .abeceda Ensemble for new music. Urban studied cello with Julian Arp.


Sanja combines her love for an authentic expression with the numerous sound possibilities of her instrument...

Storytelling through symphonic poems and operas is what made Andraž fall in love with orchestral music, which he so much adores.



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